Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Star of Paris

I had seen the Arc de Triomphe many times throughout the months I lived in Paris, visiting with friends or just passing it by, but I had never made my way to the top until my last week. Here's a few pictures I snapped while finally climbing to the top.

There was a giant French flag flying in the center of the arch when we arrived. It never unfurled completely but it was ginormous and really pretty.

The stairs were absolutely killer on the way up and terrifying on the way down. If I needed a sign that I should exercise more, this was definitely it. Haha.

The view from the top was so worth it, especially on this beautiful day. We could see all of the major monuments, apart from the one we were standing on, of course. The coolest part was seeing the twelve avenues radiating out from the "square of the star."

There are so many spots in Paris to get a panoramic view of the city, what's your favorite?

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