Welcome to Maps and Mugs!  I'm Grace, an American college student with a serious case of wanderlust, looking for the next opportunity to travel.

I started this blog as a way to keep my friends and family back home updated on my life abroad. I'm majoring in Journalism and Communications, so this blog is a way for me to keep up with my writing.

You may be wondering how I chose the title of my blog.  While I did start this blog for the main purpose of documenting my semester abroad, I love writing and plan to continue this blog now that I've returned stateside.  Therefore, I wanted a blog title that would speak more about me rather than just my semester.  I feel that the title, Maps and Mugs, embodies the various aspects of myself and, of course, flows nicely with the alliteration. I chose "Maps" because, clearly, I love to travel (and also love maps) and want to experience as many different cultures as possible.  I chose "Mugs" because I also love being at home, with my family, and some of my favorite memories are those times spent with a steaming mug of tea or coffee clutched in my hand.

However you arrived at my blog, I hope you enjoy reading about my many adventures and be sure to check back regularly for more updates!

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