Friday, August 8, 2014

Monkey Crashers

On the group's last day in Paris, we were told about an awesome event that was going to happen that evening. Basically a group of "Monkey Crashers," representing the whiskey brand Monkey Shoulder, crash various bars and clubs around Paris, taking control of the place for an hour, playing music, games, and serving free drinks. When we heard about this, we knew we couldn't resist!

We decided to dress the part for our final celebration, and all put on our best, and came up with fancy back stories in case anyone asked (no one did) as we made our way to the first bar. We walked into Hotel Molitor just after the Monkey Crashers, following their music up the elevators and watching as they set up at the rooftop bar. After scoping out the beautiful rooftop terrace, we made our way to the bar and looked on as a couple monkeys made our drinks.

Enjoying my Monkey Shoulder cocktail and the great music of Loukoko.
The Monkey Crashers took advantage of the large pool at the hotel, jumping in, monkey mask, swimmies, and all.

The first party occurred during that lovable 'golden hour' so, feeling especially fancy that night, we got a little snap happy.  We took full advantage of our lovely surroundings and had ourselves a little photo shoot!

I mean, of course, if there was a cat to find, I was going to find it.
Okay, maybe not totally fancy.

At the first party, we found out which bars the Monkey Crashers were headed to next. Instead of trying to race to the second bar to catch up with the monkeys, we made our way to the third bar so we would be there when they arrived. I absolutely loved the third bar, La Conserverie, it was awesome. The decor was made up of all mismatched furniture that gave it a very cool, classic vibe. Their menu was made up of tons of custom cocktails, my recommendation is the Lorelai, possibly the best drink I've ever had!

The Lorelai and I!

Feeling like a boss with my Lorelai and Monkey Shoulder cocktail.
A fabulous night with fantastic people.
The Monkey Crashers experience is so fun and unique, I highly recommend looking them up if you are ever in Paris. The monkeys are a riot and it's a great way to discover new bars that are definitely worth returning to.

We had an absolute blast celebrating our last night together. The next day saw twelve members of our group leave and was quite a sad one. Things were different and eerily quiet after they left but there are still a few adventures I've got to post before this story truly ends. Stay tuned!

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