Thursday, August 7, 2014

We're Doing It Live..

Our return from Italy marked the beginning of our last week together in Paris as a complete group. We decided to make the most of the week together, trying new things and doing our favorite things one last time. We relished being together in Paris for these last few days, adopting the motto "we're doing it live!"

The group after our final lunch on the last official day in Paris.

The majority of the group was away on trips during the first week of June, all returning on the following Sunday, exhausted from our travels. The weather was beautiful in Paris so we took that as an excuse to take some grass naps on the quad in the center of campus.

I'm missing these grass naps already.
With all of our "studying" and exams behind us, we took advantage of no longer needing to set an alarm in the morning and had fun exploring midnight in Paris (pun intended). One of our favorite bars was located near the Pantheon and, down the street from the Pantheon, is the tiny church whose steps were used in Midnight in Paris. While hanging out by the Pantheon late one night, we took the chance to have a mini photo shoot on the steps.

These are the steps seen in Midnight in Paris, we couldn't resist snapping a few pics of us waiting for a ride to the 1920s.
Throughout my time in Paris, Montmartre quickly became my favorite neighborhood. The quaint streets are the perfect place to spend a few hours getting lost.  A few of us decided to spend one last day up there, taking random turns, snapping pictures, and stopping for lunch and espressos.

Spent the morning sipping on an espresso while watching runners go up and down the stairs.
My favorite graffiti found on a wall in Montmartre.

As none of us could ever get tired of gazing up at the Eiffel Tower, one night we decided to have a dinner picnic on the Champ de Mars, the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower, before heading out to our favorite bar for the night.

Ain't she a beaut?!
We had to leave our mark at our favorite bar.
On the group's last full day in Paris, our program director hosted a nice final lunch for us all to gather together one last time. We decided to dress up in our most dapper attire. It was a set menu of three courses (and endless wine), which caused me to try some French foods I hadn't been willing to before. It was a fun lunch full of laughing, speeches, and recalling memories from an unforgettable semester!

Salad topped with foie gras. Not my favorite food but I'm definitely glad I tried it.
The main course was delicious!

The week didn't end at that, though! We learned about an awesome event later that night that ended up being a fantastic final celebration of our time in Paris. More in my next post!

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