Monday, November 17, 2014

An (Insta)nt in Time: October

This semester is just absolutely flying by, I hardly know where my time is going. In just a few (hopefully) short days, I will be heading home for Thanksgiving break. An entire week of no classes, spent at home with my cat and my family. It is much needed before the final two weeks of the semester. To get me through this week, I thought I'd take a look back at October, while it was already a few weeks ago, it was a pretty jam-packed and good month.

The month started off with a trip to Boston with the other Her Campus UConn girls for Her Campus College Fashion Week. Despite the rain, we had a fun night at The Estate watching several different performances (from Irish Dancing to A Capella) and admiring fall fashion. The goodies from the sponsors were a definite plus!

@hercampusuconnecticut has made it to #collegefashionweek. Excited for the doors to open!
 Back on campus, it was time for Big/Little Week! I had a blast playing a spy/ninja and working with my little's roommate to leave clues and decorate her room when Megan wasn't around. I forced Lizzie to wake up bright and early with me one morning to decorate in time for Megan to return from her 8am class to a fun surprise! This all led to Big/Little reveal, which was How I Met Your Mother theme. I'm so excited to be able to call Megan my little and watch my AEPhi pham grow!

Beyond excited to welcome my little into the pham!!
I think it's safe to say I'm officially old. #matriarch
 To get into the spirit of autumn, we had a sisterhood event at an apple orchard! I'm really bad with knowing the various types of apples but found some good ones with the help of my sisters. I stocked up on apples to make apple crisp. My first try, and I have to say it was delicious!
Apple picking with my @aephiuconn sisters on this beautiful, fall day! 
"The morning.. was crisp and golden as an apple." Found the most perfect apple today.
After a fun, fall-filled weekend, it was time to buckle down for midterms. Why is it that big exams always seem to fall in the same week, or even the same day? I've got one professor for two back-to-back classes and he thought it'd be a good idea to schedule them for the same day... Thank you? It was nice to get them over with and walk home stress-free, though!
Feels good to pass this beautiful fall foliage on the way home from two exams.
 Isn't it funny how you don't notice the leaves changing gradually? They just kind of pop out at you in full color one day. I have this tree right outside my bedroom window covered in bright orange and red leaves. I love starting my day looking out at it from bed. It's a good measure of the season.
The bright and beautiful tree outside my window before this heavy rain knocked all the leaves off.
 In the middle of the month, I took a trip up to New Hampshire for a retreat with Greek Intervarsity. It was the perfect escape from the college bubble into nature, where I could really put my priorities in focus. Toah Nipi, the retreat center, is one of my favorite places, and extra beautiful in the fall, especially at seven in the morning, when the sun is just rising and the water is calm.
A beautiful morning canoe ride to start the day at Toah Nipi. #negreekgetaway14
My return to campus meant a return to the reality of being a senior. My class registration date rolled around and, with that, I applied for graduation. Yikes. Is it too late to be a freshman again?
The end of October means it's time to celebrate my sorority's Founder's Day! It was a bittersweet celebration this year, as it's my last as an undergrad. But it was lovely having my last Founder's Day be my little's first! This organization has brought so much to my life, it's important to take time and honor the women who made that possible, our founders.
Happy Founder's Day to the organization that has given me so much and made me the woman I am today. If it were not for our seven founders searching for something greater 105 years ago, I wouldn't have found my best friends, confident self, and amazing memories that I have had these past three years. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. Here is to three years as a sister and many more to come! 
Founder's Day with my little SISTER! So glad to have this girl in my life and pham! 
 I was able to get off campus yet again this month and visit my friend Lizzie's house for a night. We went to the movies, saw The Best of Me, a roller coaster of emotions that left me angry (HA!) and had a fun girls night in. We watched the Zac Efron movie, Neighbors, so it felt as if we never even left school! ;) The next morning we spent by the fire before heading back to school.
My kind of autumn day.
 The weather at my school can be quite finicky. For instance, on this particular October day, I was meeting my friend at the dining hall for dinner across campus. I left my apartment to a beautiful, sunny late afternoon, yet before I had walked more than five minutes, the skies were dark and I was being hit in the face with rain, which I naturally wasn't prepared for. The plus is that I got to see an awesome double rainbow!
The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.
As an avid cat lover, of course I had to commemorate National Cat Day on instagram. Since I'm away at school and not with my cat, I decided to go the throwback route and posted a picture of us from just after we got her.
In honor of #NationalCatDay, here's a throwback to baby Maeve and myself, passed out on the couch with chocolate on my face. #typical
And with the end of October, comes Halloween! One of my favorite parts of college is that Halloween isn't just one day, it can be up to five days depending on when it falls. This year, I dressed up three times. My favorite has to be my first costume, though. And while the last picture is technically in November, I included it here anyways. I'm a rule breaker.
I'm a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else. #wednesdayaddams

Wench! Trollop! You buck-toothed, mop-riding firefly from hell! #happyhalloween #hocuspocus 
Saving Grace. #halloweekend
And that was my October through an instagram filter. I promise to post more from now on, especially once this semester ends!

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