Monday, September 8, 2014

An (Insta)nt in Time: August

August was a busy month for me. It was full of visiting family, moving back to school, and participating in formal recruitment for my sorority. This is a new series I'm starting, a monthly glance into the moments I found beautiful or important enough to Instagram. Enjoy!

I started the month off with a drastic change; chopping off most of my hair! I tend to go through phases of wanting really long hair and then wanting it all gone. I never lean towards the middle, just one extreme or the other. I've had my hair long for awhile now, since high school, which is surprising for me. I decided I'd start off my senior year with a fresh look to match my outlook for my final year of college (yikes!). I have to say, I'm really loving it so far!

*Insert cutting hair emoji here*
I spent a few weeks visiting my cousins in New Jersey. I hadn't seen them since before I went abroad so it was really great to have all this time to catch up! My aunt surprised us with tickets to the One Direction concert when they came to the Meadowlands. We had an absolute blast singing along, those boys put on a fabulous show! I've never seen so many screaming girls in my life, though, that sure was a sight to see.

And we danced all night, to the best song ever, we knew every line, now I can't remember. #onedirection
With the concert behind us, we went down to Long Beach Island for a couple weeks. I grew up going to a lake during the summers so the ocean isn't quite my thing. I have to say, though, that I really enjoyed it this time around! I swam quite a bit, although there were several moments I was sure we were at the start of the next Jaws. I had a blast at the beach but I have to say I'm a lake girl through and through.

"Spirits soar near the shore." #lbi
One of my favorite things to do while in LBI was to sit on the deck and just absorb the sunshine and sea salt air. I devoured a few books on this trip doing just that. I may not like to swim in salt water, but it sure is great to look at!

Life is a beach. #lbi
The end of the trip came way too quickly, as it always does. After seeing an amazing red moon and multiple shooting stars on our last night, my cousin and I woke up super early to watch the sunrise. Rubbing our sleepy eyes and bundled up in our blankets, we sat on the deck and watched as the sky became brighter as the sun crept above the ocean. We weren't the only people with that idea, there were several people sitting on and walking along the beach.

The sky is awake so I'm awake. #lbi
A couple days after I returned home from LBI, it was yet again time to pack up and leave. I moved into school early to prepare for formal sorority recruitment, which is the first weekend back at school. I hadn't seen most of my sisters since last fall so it was such fun to reunite and catch up with all of them!

Going into my last formal Panhellenic recruitment as an undergrad was completely bittersweet. I haven't always been the biggest fan of recruitment due to my introvert tendencies but this year I really enjoyed it! Maybe it's the fact that I'm a senior but I loved being able to talk to so many different people and share my personal experience in my sorority, helping them find their own unique experience.

First day of recruitment: ✔️ #uconn #recruitmentisfun

Excited for the second day of recruitment! #philanthropy #aephi

Can't wait to start movie day with this girl! #aephi #recruitment 
The rest of recruitment occurred over the first few days of September so you'll have to wait until the end of the month to see those pics! OR you can head on over to Instagram and follow me!

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