Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Seville: The Fun!

If you bring almost twenty college students to a warm, beautiful Spanish town for a week, there are bound to be some silly shenanigans. Here is a peak into some of the fun we had in Seville!

While exploring the gardens in the Alcázar, the royal palace in Seville, we found a maze so, naturally, we all ran in. Someone mentioned Harry Potter, of course, and we all started pretending that we were competing in the Triwizard Tournament. We proceeded to run around the maze, screaming incantations at one another, trying to find the exit. This got some funny stares from others and good laughs. Taylor, Shannon, and I declared ourselves the winners of the tournament.

We all made it through the maze to win the Triwizard Tournament! Three way tie!
As we were leaving the Alcázar, we passed by an older man and his tiny dog. All of our ooooh-ing and aaah-ing led the man to tell us that his dog's name is Señor Tom and that he is very friendly. A few of us surrounded Señor Tom and started petting him, he loved it. He was a very serious dog, always ready for a photo shoot.

Señor Tom is a philosophical being.

The day we visited Plaza de España was probably the hottest day of the trip, I think it might've reached ninety degrees! We had been walking around in the sun a lot that day so we took the opportunity to soak our feet in the fountain water while taking a sitting break. Well, once the whole group arrived, this turned into most, if not all, of us climbing into the fountain and getting pretty soaked. It was fun and refreshing.

Flowers in my hair and not a care in the world.

Couldn't resist splashing around in the water fountain!
As we walked through the streets, exploring Seville, we stopped in many of the shops to see if they had that special something we wanted to remember this trip by. Of course, we found some silly items along the way which led to goofy, impromptu photo sessions.

We're ready to paaaaaaaaaaarty.

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