Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Day in the Life

As it's only been a few weeks, I'm still adjusting to life in Paris. Of course, it's a huge change that will take time to get used to and, as expected, there are numerous differences between my life at home and my life here.

It's a different culture and a different language, a language that I'm having difficulty understanding (everyone talks so quickly!). My grammar course begins next week so hopefully that will help. As I begin to gain more of a routine and am, thus, able to make more of a life for myself here, this place is beginning to feel more real. I'm not sure it will ever seem completely real, but, hopefully, one day I'll be able to say that I've lived in Paris without it sounding like I'm asking a question.

Today, for example, we had our Art History class at the Musée d'Art Moderne, which is just across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower. There are big windows in the museum that allow you to look out and see the tower in all its' glory. After class, a few of us walked through the outdoor market just across the street and then walked towards the Eiffel Tower to find a place to eat. We found this tiny (but very nice) Italian restaurant just over the bridge and, man, was the food delicious. Since it was lunch time, they were serving the "Formule Midi" option which allows one to order either an entree and a plate or a plate and a dessert for a reduced price. Naturally, I went for the plate (4 Fromages Pizza!) and dessert (Tiramisu!). I almost ate the entire pizza and absolutely devoured the tiramisu, it was so delicious. It was such a simple thing, to go out to lunch, but then I walked out the door and the Eiffel Tower is just down the street. I said as we were walking, "I don't think I'll ever get used to a casual stroll by the Eiffel Tower.."

It was a very windy, but beautiful, day as we walked along the Seine, and passed the "Flamme de la Liberte" monument.

The magical tiramisu!!

Anyways, in this post I wanted to give you a glimpse of what my life is like in Paris on a daily basis, so far. I live in a building that is full of students (undergrad, grad, and a few PhD students), which means there are always people around, which is nice. While it's supposed to be just for American students, there are people from all over the world living in my building, which is absolutely awesome! I have a big room all to myself, there is a kitchen and multiple bathrooms on each floor, there are study rooms, and there's a large basement downstairs that includes game tables and a TV room (perfect for movie nights!).

Here are a few pictures of my room:
My desk. I use my chair as scarf storage, it's oddly perfect. And, yes, I do have an "I <3 Darcy" sticker.

Random corner of my room. Should I call it the accessory corner? Hanging necklaces and belts double as decorations!

My sink (apparently common in French bedrooms) and enormous closet (I wish I could take it home with me!).

My bed, nightstand, and all of my postcards from London.

The four poster paintings I got while visiting Montmartre this past week!

I live in a more residential area of Paris, there is a park just across the street and I think several schools nearby. There are a few little restaurants and a cafe along my street and a grocery store just down the road. Just past the grocery store is a boulangerie, a bakery!, which is either the best or worst thing ever. Each time I enter the bakery, I want to buy every single thing and eat it all at once. Everything smells and looks so good. I have to limit myself. Usually, I will just buy a baguette, which is only ninety cents and is usually warm (and always soft). A few times I've splurged and bought either a pain au chocolat (my absolute favorite!!!) or some other pastry, such as a pain au raisin or a peach tart (pictured below). Pastries are one type of French food I am absolutely ecstatic to experiment with.
Peach tart and a baguette (that was meant to be saved for dinner... it almost worked! I only at a few bites then).

My building has cool stuff occur sometimes. This past week, the study rooms and the basement were taken over by a film crew as the shot a movie! The movie, called "L'Affair Stavinsky," is based on the financial crisis in 1934 created by Alexandre Stavinsky in France. It was so cool to see film equipment filling the hallways and actors dressed in 1930s themed costumes sitting in our lobby. We were even able to watch them film a couple scenes! Apparently, it happened last semester as well, I'd love for it to happen again!
My view as I walked down the stairs to exit my building for a few days last week.

The lighting outside of our building directed into the room they shot in.

Of course, I'll update more as my schedule becomes more defined and changes are made to my life in Paris as I adjust to it. I have several pictures I want to share of different exploring adventures I went on this past week, which I shall post tomorrow, hopefully.

Paris is quite a cool place to live and I'm excited for where this semester takes me.

Until Next Time.

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